I offer you a safe and confidential on-line space, with time to explore issues that you would like to work on.

You might visualise our session symbolically as a mountain, that you climb upon to reach the peak as you decide on what you want to achieve, heal or transform in your life.

As a therapist, I will help you to make your aspirations achieve reality and I will support you along the way as your guide. I will serve you with my knowledge, experience, professional qualities and personal abilities.

Please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation and here is the link to a contact form. It is intended to meet, discuss together your expectations in your present situation, as well as possible contraindications for therapy.

I will also introduce the required ‘before therapy’ forms to you and explain basic techniques and methods. If we feel we could work together, we will schedule the sessions.

The cost is 90 GBP per 90-120 minute session, paid in advance. If the session time is established but unpaid before the date, it means you cancel your session.

Depending on economic circumstances, I also have a limited number of low-cost places. However, there may be a waiting time for these.

The area of my specialisation includes topics such as:

  • releasing from emotional difficulties and blocks;
  • freeing from generationally inherited feelings and traumas;
  • healing repetitive patterns of feelings and behaviour;
  • transforming of self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions;
  • clearing effects of emotional di-stress and overload;
  • enhancing self-esteem and acceptance, self-trust and confidence;
  • developing own creative and constructive resources as well as performance;
  • conducting Peak Abilities and States of Consciousness processes;