Ustawienia pokoleniowe

Family constellations

Family Constellations known also as generational or systemic constellations are a therapeutic and developmental method of revealing and healing unconscious dynamics, that influence relations between family members and past generations.

An individual constellation, either with figures as representatives or based on an intuitive visioning, gives an opportunity to uncover hidden bonds, that adversely impact different aspects of our life.

Generational constellation is based on ‘a knowing field’ phenomenon. It enables us to ‘feel and see’ hidden bonds and unsorted problems coming from ancestors, that we are involved and stuck in.

The constellation recognizes and follows systemic dynamics in order to disclosure, experience and change them. When the movement evolves, together with some helping rituals and short phrases, we can see that new solutions, balance and peace arise, and bring the all-embracing order of love back to the family system.

Why do we get involved in the ancestors’ burdens in the first place?

There is a distinctive dynamism in the generational system, recognized as a tribal spirit or conscience, that is to keep a family together. It rules through some principles such as:

  • a rule of priority and hierarchy within the family;
  • a law of equal belongingness of each member, no matter live or dead, healthy or ill, good or bad;
  • a claim of their mutual loyalty and bonding alignment;
  • an order in giving and receiving.

We all come in to this world, embraced by this tribal, primeval allegiance. As vulnerable children, we are not aware of this powerful spirit within us. It enables us to sense any injustice or inequity in the family, any signs of our ancestors’ grievance or pain. We then follow eagerly but unconsciously the spirit call to sacrifice ourselves for those who suffered. And we take and carry problems and burdens that are not ours, trying and hoping for a possibility to solve them through our life.

As adults, we experience a lot of straggling as the result of our primal devotion. Also, we are unable to remember or find out the root cause, which may increase discomfort and frustration in life.

Family constellation can help to identify the reasons, address and transform them in a way to conscious life fulfilled with self-love and respect to the ancestors’ own destiny.