Subcellular Psychology Processes are intensive therapeutic work undertaken in regression to key developmental events, in preconception or prenatal periods, in order to obtain, regain or stabilize particular peak state or ability. Processes require knowledge of techniques that are used during standard sessions. This will enable you to fluently follow the therapeutic guidance during the process.

There are many different peak states of conscious available. To make the process targets of the gateway of key developmental event the therapist uses a Regression Technique as well as Gaia commands and music. Each of those unusual phenomena has a diverse characteristic and gives different sensations and feelings. A peak ability is an unusual skill or capability that is acquired on its own or as a result of a particular peak state.

The idea of a ‘peak experience’ was created by a psychologist Abraham Maslow. He described it as “moments of highest happiness and fulfilment” and placed this self-actualization on the top of his ‘pyramid of human needs’.

We all experience many fantastic, positive moments in our life such as feeling happiness and harmony in relation to nature, music or art, when using our deeper potential and creativity, functioning easily with ‘flow’, as well as being in love and loved back or living fully present in ‘here and now’. The peak experiences, states and abilities are a natural part of our consciousness, and this is mainly experienced in our pre-birth stage of life. The foetal consciousness is exceptionally different from our post-birth perception. Since our birth triggers a lot of severe traumas and inhibitions, those unique qualities are significantly lost, degraded and limited. However, all the developments and discoveries made on Subcellular Psychology field show, that those quantities and states are not gone irrevocably. Currently there are processes available as follows:

It removes all involuntary mind activity such as constant chatter, invasive images, voices, obsessive negative thoughts, self-driven patterns of ideas related to hostility, hateful, rivalry or manipulation. It helps to get free from symbiotic relationships and playing roles in repetitive drama triangle of victim-rescuer-prosecutor. It enables healing procrastination and struggling with self-control and self-sabotage too.

It shifts a unique and welcomed by you peak experience into a stable and permanent peak state.

It brings back lost or unstable states, emotions and peak abilities. It stabilizes unsteady or temporary higher inner experiences, transforming them into firm and lasting qualities.

It helps you to stay grounded and settled in ‘here and now’. It substantially reduces emotional vulnerability and automatic responses to traumas from your past. It brings deeper peace, self-understanding and acceptance, and supports inner coherence and balance within thoughts, emotions and action.

It supports discovery of your own true talents, creativity and potential. It helps you to calmly and stably decide about your best path in life as well as make optimum choices to find your life’s purpose.

It prevents against negativity, sabotage and aggression towards self or other people. Since it reduces persistence and duration of unfavourable emotions such as anxiety, anger, fear, judging, revenge or desire of harming. It enables and simplifies your choice of good growth, self-trust and love. It brings clarity, understanding and ability to accept life circumstances and challenges.

Allow up to 3 hrs for carrying out the process as well as two additional sessions (approx. 1hr each) to check and strengthen the acquired effect.