Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations

Generational traumas are felt as though emotional pain or suffering has been experienced since you ever remember. These traumas are also sensed so intensively that we cannot believe they are not our own problems but inherited from our ancestors.

During a process of healing traumas that come from the past generations, we often experience some resistance and worries that if we have our symptoms gone we become disloyal and so we will lose the connection with our ancestors. This sort of concerns and blocs is an important sign of hidden tribal conscience that follows particular systemic rules and principles. They are as follows:

  1. The need and right to belong to the family system of each and every member. If someone gets excluded in any way from the family, the system expresses a need for compensation. That means, the system’s dynamic looks for a younger members for them to keep reminding of forgotten, abandoned or disrespected ancestors.
  2. The need and right to connexion within the system that resonates between members as a shared fate. Because of bonding sense of loyalty throughout generations, the invisible tribal soul calls the successors to pay – with their health, wellbeing, happiness or life – back to their ancestors’ deceits, poverty, unhappiness or death.
  3. The need and right to the hierarchy order which indicates that each member has their own place in the system, that cannot be changed or swapped with others. Those who came first have a right and priority in relation before those who were born later. This antecedence is disturbed anytime when children consider themselves above their parents or grandparents, as well as when they feel better than past generations only because of living in more comfortable or advanced current times.
  4. The need and right to balance of giving and receiving which is connected to the loyalty and order of hierarchy, and reflects a direction of what flows as good or bad in the tribe. The older ones give to those who are younger in the family and couples or partners need to keep the harmony in mutual giving and taking to maintain their relationship.

The solution to this is, to make – during constellation – conscious what remains unconscious, to uncover what is latent and to look to spot with respect of what has not been seen until now.

I use two methods of individual constellations in my therapeutic practice. First is a mental way of constellations with inner, intuitive visioning and second is with using figures as representatives. During inner constellations the knowing field evinces as emotions, body symptoms and mental insights within a Client’s awareness. When external ones are undertaken, each figure in a constellation field reflects attitude, movement, feelings and emotions of a family member that they represent.

The family constellation can be a part of a session held in subcellular psychobiology to heal generational traumas or as a subject of an independent constellation session in order to transform and sort out systemic problems or difficulties.


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