Emotional Freedom Technic (EFT) is currently one of the most popular and well known therapeutic methods within the Energy Psychology Interactive field. It is used by practitioners in order to help their clients to overcome phobias, anxiety, self-defeating (Psychological Reversal), emotional and behavioural patterns, self-limiting believes as well as body symptoms such as discomfort, affliction and pain.

It is likewise a very powerful method for self-practice, often used as a quick way to release and soothe any tension, distress, grief or physical ache the moment they arise in consciousness.

It is simple to find any information about EFT on the internet (www.emofree.com, www.aametinternational.org, www.theeftcentre.com) therefore I am going here to briefly introduce the use of it during the Subcellular Psychology sessions and the Peak States processes.

I tactfully lead a person through the tapping points to overcome resisting mechanisms, stuck feelings as well as distractions created by their body and mind. EFT together with the slow, deep breath empowers clients to stay grounded, strengthen and calm while working on their issue.

It is essential for a person’s healing results, to stay inside the body, since facing past traumatic experiences activates a defensive reaction called Out-Of-Body-Experience. OBE, conditioned out by our biology, dissociates us from unbearable circumstances for us to survive. It is crucially needed for the event of trauma as it really saves our life.

Later though, it still holds us back and handicaps our ability to deal with suppressed memories and feelings. Unattended post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which is based on diminished or denial of threatened experience, may disrupt daily life and lead to depression, insomnia, exhaustion, withdrawal, physical and mental illnesses.

The images of frightening experiences have to be harmlessly integrated in conscious mind and the only way that is available leads throughout the client’s full awareness and attention being given to their wounded body and emotions. Emotional Freedom Technic enables this process become calmer, safer and faster.

I went through my own therapy process on my path to become a therapist and I know it requires a lot of courage to embark and proceed with a number of sessions. It is not only because you have to admit and reveal your problems to the practitioner. You have to honestly meet your inner doubts, rationalizations, excuses and most of all your, desires to remain within the comfort zone. Here comes tapping solutions again to help to exceed this tempting haven of the status quo and to develop personal potential, creativity and freedom from past injuries, wounds and scars.

‘Tapping disconnects the thought from the autonomic nervous reaction in the body, which means all the negative emotions dissipate and get calmer. At a physiological level, it calms the sympathetic nervous system responsible for the stress response and turns on the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for the relaxation response.’ M. M. Lynch

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