Theta Healing is a meditational form of energetic curing and transformation. It is similar to Matrix Energetics® based on quantum physics theory, where both a practitioner and a client observe and witness the healing process, transformation and manifestation. The procedures of Theta Healing are quite easy to follow. However they require a client to become open to their intuitive senses and to believe in Higher Power, Consciousness or God, which is called here Creator of All That Is and is not related to any religion but is a source of pure and unconditional Love, Life and Wisdom.

To understand the Theta state it is important to understand that our brain consistently emits different frequencies of waves: Alfa, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Theta brainwaves bring you a very deep relaxation, meditation, dreaming, hypnosis and the feeling of absolute calmness. The theta state stores and guides our memories, beliefs, prejudices, fears, our inhibited attitudes and behaviours. It also manages our spiritual, inspirational and creative potential often hidden or trapped behind our emotional and mental obstacles. That means if you are able to imagine, dream, visualise and believe you can make it come true. You are in power to do so as soon as you heal mental blocks, interfering beliefs, doubts, resistance and disturbances in and below the conscious level of your mind. The Theta Healing provides effective ‘digging’ and transforming means and tools to track, release or shift unwanted associations, convictions, phobias, disbeliefs and patterns of thoughts or attitudes in order to discover an inner ocean of light, love, joy, happiness and fulfilment.

‘Inside every person there is a tiny universe that is identical to the vastness of All That Is. Inside each of us there is the creative Force, Source and God. Infinity is inside us as well as outside. So, when we go up (…) we are entering the nucleus of an atom. This journey brings you to awareness of the outside universe of infinite energy and to the realization that God is in every atom.’ V. Stibal Creator of ThetaHealing