The Subcellular Psychology is one of the most coherent and dynamic field of contemporary therapy modalities that gives powerful techniques to work simultaneously on psychological, spiritual and biological levels. The S.P. method can be used to transform and heal emotional problems, spiritual suffering and emergencies, physical blocks, tensions and pain, to treat mental and physical diseases, often considered as incurable as well as enable and support personal development and growth of often yet undiscovered, inner potential.

The Subcellular Psychology framework is based on three breakthroughs factors that explain the biology of consciousness:


Discovery of the
‘Primary Cell’
as a centre of our awareness


Revelation of prenatal trauma and the key Developmental Events model


Disclosure of subcellular parasite infections that cause damage and dysfunctions in primary cell

The founder of The Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS) / Grant McFetridge Ph.D. discovered that psychical symptoms, states and abilities are associated with the biological functions of the primary cell. Emotions and sensations are the way we experience our subcellular biological problems. These primary cell problems also resonate in our bodies which we feel as medical problems, disorders or illnesses. What’s more, there is a two-way information pathway which means, also body sensations are transferred back to the primary cell. This dual route is used with the specific techniques to place our conscious presence onto the biological level in order to repair subcellular damages, dissolve stuck structures, release trauma strings, interact with organelles and heal other problems within this principal cell.

The Subcellular Psychology therapy is centred on client’s symptoms as they are manifestations of dysfunctions inside the primary cell, which can be effectively diagnosed and cured.

The Subcellular Psychology Process is intensive therapeutic work undertaken in regression to the key developmental event in order to obtain, re-gain or stabilize particular peak state or ability.

What are Peak States?

‘The best way to understand what peak states are, is to use your own memory. Think back to a moment, to a time, when you felt absolutely, amazingly wonderful. Now, try imaging what your life would be like if you has those wonderful sensations all the time, from the moment you woke to when you asleep.’ Grant McFetridge Ph.D.