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Centre of awareness. Your centre.
To make your unconscious become conscious.
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Centre of Awareness

I would like to welcome you in this therapeutic relationship that is dedicated to the unique process of self-discovery and inner exploration.

I will gently guide and support you, in order for you to recognize and heal traumatic memories and emotions that limit your life, and for you to find and transform beliefs that cut your existence down to a perspective, of only survival in life.

I will assist you in discovering the new meanings of challenges and in healing difficult experiences of your ancestors that influence your ability to enjoy your life.

I will guide you in Peak States of consciousness processes for you to create a better life. Life with a peaceful, open and calm mind, an accepting and loving heart, with good health and uplifted spirit as well as, with happy, creative and fulfilling relationships with yourself and other people.




Trauma therapy Training in Subcellular Psychobiology paradigm in Polish language.

  • 5 months: From February to June 2024.
  • Small group, Zoom video formula.
  • Trainer: Danuta Czarny.
  • Welcome to contact me for more details:
  • Danuta Czarny: fairwind.myway@gmail.com

Peak States, Fungal Structures of Chakras and Fast Trauma Clearing: