who i am

Who I am

Danuta Czarny

“Each journey begins from a calling that emerges at a time when we are longing for a change.” – Joanna Wrycza-Bekier

My name is Danuta Czarny. I come from Krakow in Poland, where I studied Librarianship and Information Science and then worked in a business environment for over 25 years.

My personal challenges and experiences as a child, motivated and turned me later towards searching for options to overcome limitations arising from my family, ancestors and cultural background as well as coming from my own perspective and beliefs.

I have undertaken my own therapeutic processes in analytic and Peak States approaches and attended many workshops in Gestalt, Whole Hearted Healing (WHH), EFT and Family Constellation modalities.

I moved to Great Britain in 2013 where I changed my career and became a certified Subcellular Psychobiology & Peak States therapist as well as a Group and Individual Systemic Constellation practitioner.

I am a member of the EFT International Association (EFTi) in Great Britain and of The Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS) in Canada, a world-wide research, teaching and clinical treatment organization focused on the study of the psychology and biology of consciousness.

My therapist practice is under regular supervision and is being developed within a ISPS group of therapists, frequently meeting and working on further progress and growth.

I am deeply involved in gaining new knowledge, discovering new paths of burgeon, expanding my self-consciousness and developing my acquired peak states, in order to make a difference to peoples’ lives and fulfil my deepest dreams.