My name is Danuta Czarny. I am a certified Subcellular Psychobiology therapist and Theta Healing practitioner. I am a member of the AAMET International in Great Britain and of The Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS) in Canada, a world-wide research, teaching, and clinical treatment organization focused on the study of the psychology and biology of consciousness.

My personal, challenging experiences as a child, motivated and finally turned me towards searching achievable options to overcome strong and overpowering restrictions, inhibitions and convictions taken from my family, genealogical and national roots, from the collective, social and culture background and from my own limiting perspective, personality and beliefs.

I have studied librarianship and information science and worked in a business environment for over 25 years in Poland and UK. I, at the same time was also vastly interested in psychology, alternative ways and methods that support personal development, spiritual growth and discovery of higher states of self-awareness. My knowledge was mainly gained from books, workshops and lectures.

I participated in workshops on the breath work, work with body through drama, art, music and dance, trainings on relaxation, meditation, yoga, laughter yoga, Tai Chi and WenDo. I found out there are many possible options and they all can lead me closer to myself. They became my gateways to knowing myself better, to self-understanding and trusting my intuition as well as inner guidance. As a result, I undertook my own therapeutic process in analytic and Peak States® approach, attended workshops and sessions in Gestalt, Whole Hearted Healing, EFT, Family Constellation modalities and completed Theta Healing Basic & Advanced and Subcellular Psychobiology trainings.

I have lived in Great Britain since 2013 where I have started my practice as a therapist. I am still deeply involved in getting new knowledge, discovering new paths of personal and professional growth, expanding my self-conscious towards global awareness and developing owned peak abilities as well as states in order to do both, make difference to peoples’ lives and meet my deepest dreams.