Danusia, well she is an extremely warm and kind person. From our first meeting, I would say, by chance, from the very first session I felt safe and as I have known her for years. Her open heart and acceptance with no judgement made me trust her deeply. I love to work with Danusia on my development. Her great knowledge, inner peace and incredibly effective techniques she uses, helped me to manage my unpleasant emotions and become calmer and more self-aware. Danusia always gives me her full dedication and attention. I can feel she cares for me during and after each session very much. I feel like she is really interested in my welfare and looks at me always with love and openness. I am very grateful for this opportunity of my development and improvement that is being guided and supported professionally by such a wonderful person.

Thank you.”

Basia Drozdowska / PL

My sessions with Danusia as a therapist were very important to me. The method she uses requires her commitment and openness for deep and moving emotions within a client. This process, so carefully led, is really releasing and deeply healing. I could feel physical relief as the burden I carried got released but shifts happen on mental and emotional level as well. My body became relaxed and tranquil. Some sessions have brought and opened a perspective for my feelings and the way I experience life. I highly recommend this therapeutic work. Thank you, Danusiu.”

Marzena, psychologist and integrative psychotherapist / UK

It has been a long journey that led me to therapeutic work. I have been practising meditation and conscious breath work individually and in groups for 10 years now. I met many fantastic teachers and they all helped me enormously. However, over those years I still couldn’t get to the heart of my problems. I met Danusia, you may say accidentally, but nothing happens by chance. During my first session some issues, that I wasn’t able to work out for years, came up on the surface. I am still moved, even now. Danusia has a real gift of listening to people which means she is able to hear and pay attention to what really matters to you. I feel like someone, for the first time in my life, really listens to me. I cannot even explain how wonderful the feeling is. I am looking forward to forthcoming sessions.”

Gosia H / Spain, Tenerife

I am writing this opinion in order to say again thank you very much Danusia Czarny who is a great therapist. When I started my therapy I was in a very difficult situation and was not able to make important and needed decisions to changes in my life. Therapy has changed the way I think. I gained a new perspective for myself and my personal relationship. I still work on my personal development applying some exercises I can practice.

I would like to recommend Danusia as a therapist to anybody who considers attention, commitment, patience and feelings as very important for their emotional safety and comfort in a therapeutic relationship.”

Dorota / UK

I have known Danusia for over two years. During this time she has undertaken many sessions, both for our training practice and my personal development. She conducts sessions always very professionally and is also able to use her deep sense of intuition at the time. Those two factors give smashing results during sessions and bring real shifts in my life.

Danusia is a very calm and easy person, always fully present and giving attention to the details, catching any shades and nuances of my resistance and somersaults of my mind that omit my conscious intellect.

I always feel, she gives me her full attention and commitment. I am impressed with her erudition and skills that come from studying various, sometimes distant modalities of knowledge and science. Her passion and desire of growth, for both, herself and her clients is very inspiring and motivating.

Danusia, is an interesting person and excellent therapist.”

Anna / Canary Island