Tapping The Gamut Point

Tapping The Gamut Point As Your Emotional First Aid

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) help rebalance our emotions and body’s energy system.

We all go in and out of energy balance many times during every day and we experience stress and tension that blocks our emotional energy from flowing freely. EFT techniques allow us to clear these blockages, simply by tapping ‘end points’ of the meridians.



There is a sequence of tapping points that follows the set up which can be easily found on the internet and used. Although, when we are suffering from sudden or severe stress it might be difficult to remember and apply EFT instructions. Therefore I would like to introduce to you only the  Gamma / Gamut Point which can be applied as your first help in every difficult or challenging circumstances.

Tapping The Gamut Point Photo: Otwarta Grupa EFT. Vitalia 13

The Gamut Point is one of the most powerful EFT spots. It is located on the back of the hand, in the soft spot between the base knuckles of the small and ring fingers, and an inch toward the wrist.

The truth is, we experience emotions for a reason. They tell us when something is right or wrong for us and help navigate through our life. Problems arise when we ignore or do not recognize information behind emotions and body sensations.

Tapping on the gamut point helps lower strong emotions and manage tension or stress in a new way, bringing you more inner peace and calm.



1./ Find  the Gamut Point on your hand.

When tapping use your index and middle fingers. Use sufficient pressure so you can feel it. Practice tapping and feel this sensation of your fingers touching your skin. You may notice and hear the sound when fingers are tapping on your hand.

When you first start tapping you may experience tingling sensations, pins and needles. It is normal, relax.


2./ Working on issue

Tapping works by talking as you tap on gamut point.

Find a place, where no one will disturb you. Identify an issue and emotions to tap on. Allow yourself to feel them fully and rate the level of their intensity. Do not suppress them.

Use a scale of 0-10 where 0 is no intensity at all and 10 is the highest intensity possible.

Start tapping and talking out loud about how you feel and what you think of what is happening. You may scream and cry if you feel like it. Keep tapping.

Take a few deep breaths down to your abdominal area and reassess your emotions. See what has happened to them. Check their intensity. If any of emotions have altered, change your words to describe your feelings accordingly.

Continue tapping. Keep monitoring your emotions and sensations, and adjust your words adequately until you feel calm and still.

Tapping The Gamut Point

Tap regularly. Make tapping part of your daily routine and notice any resistance to doing this. Tap on this resistance as on any other problem.


3./ Visualisation of tapping

When your circumstances or location make it impossible or difficult to physically tap, you may vividly imagine tapping.

The subconscious mind does not recognize the difference between facts and fiction. When you intensively visualize something you really experience it.

A good example is the one with a lemon. Imagine you are cutting a lemon in two halves and then squeezing them into your mouth. Aren’t you salivating?



It is useful to practice imaginary tapping before you actually need it. It will enable you to just use this skill right away. Recreate a full sensation of your fingers tapping on the gamut point. Then recall the sound of your fingers touching your hand.

Identify an issue and emotions to tap on. Allow yourself to feel them fully and rate the level of their intensity. Do not suppress them. Use a scale of 0-10 where 0 is no intensity at all and 10 is the highest intensity possible. Then notice what you are saying to yourself about the problem so that it becomes alive in your mind.

Close your eyes and imagine you are tapping the gamut point. Keep repeating until your thoughts and emotions calm down.



Remember, we cannot change other people but we can change our response to them.  We always have a choice and a method of tapping can help you to release the hurts, strong emotions and limiting beliefs. Tapping on a gamut point can change your life in a very positive way.



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