Centre of Awareness

I would like to welcome you in this therapeutic relationship that is dedicated to the unique process of self-discovery and inner exploration.


I will gently guide and support you, in order for you to recognize and heal traumatic memories and emotions, physical feelings and sensations that limit your life, by blocking the gateway to joy and self-love, and for you to find and transform all beliefs that cut your existence down to a narrow and painful perspective, of only survival in life, such as:

Survival… at school, at work, in family or personal uneasy relationships.
Survival… showing a happy face despite sorrow, loneliness or anger.
Survival… regardless of anxiety, sadness or no hope.
Survival… just to survive for its own sake.

I will assist you in exploring the new meanings of your difficulties and challenges and of what your family or past generations experienced.

I will also help you to heal your deepest wounds and clear the path to embrace your true self.


Methods of Therapy

Peak States, Fungal Structures of Chakras and Fast Trauma Clearing: